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Audiobook Jukebox is a place for all audiobook enthusiasts. We collect links to audiobook reviews submitted by reviewers and links to reviews we find on the Web that we think you'll enjoy.  As the popularity of audiobooks grows, so does the number of audiobook reviews. Here you can find a central place that collects links to thousands of reviews scattered across the Internet. We have well over 20,000 links to reviews of nearly 9000 individual titles, from over 500 sources.

Contact Us:
susan@audiobookjukebox.com OR jeff@audiobookjukebox.com

Audiobook Reviewers - Let others know about your audiobook reviews by sending links to our site. At the beginning of each month, we post a widget (Add Links Button) so reviewers can submit links to their audiobook reviews. For each link submitted, we add and/or verify basic bibliographic information and add a cover shot of the title. We include this information with your link when we post about the availability of your review.  When a single title is reviewed by more than one blogger, we list the links under one title. Each reviewer may submit as many links as he or she would like. And if you need material to review, check out our Solid Gold Reviewer Program, which offers hundreds of free review copies from a variety of audio publishers.

Listeners - If you have a favorite narrator or genre, limit searches to only what you're interested in hearing. Like to explore new listening possibilities?  Take a look at all of the different genres or use our search engine to locate material by title, author, subject, publisher, or date of publcation. Quotation marks around specific words, such as individuals' names, will limit your search to exatcly who or what you are looking for.

Publishers - Keep tabs on what the blogger community is saying about your publications.  Search by publisher to see all of the review links relating to specific publishers.

About Us

My work as a librarian with the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives requires lots of driving, so it's no surprise I'm a fan of audiobooks!* I've reviewed for various pubs, including LJ, PW and AudioFile Magazine. Currently, I'm the audiobook reviews editor for SF Site and a blogger/podcaster for Tor.com. You can find out more about me and my love of audiobooks at my site, AudiobookDJ or read my tweets @audiobookdj. Why do I do this? Because I love audiobooks! -- Susan

I'm an avid reader and audiobook listener. My wife Susan is a librarian, so it wasn't much of a stretch to think I'd be pressed into service for this website. I put together the bibliographic information and pull the cover shots for each title in the Jukebox. As a result, I have read over 15000 reviews so far. You can visit my website, Rockinbear Reviews. I'm also an independent safety and risk management consultant. For fun, I listen to and collect music and play guitar. -- Jeff

*The creation and maintenance of this site is not related in any way with Susan's employer, the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. All comments and observations relating to publishing or libraries are entirely our own.