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I added a link last week. Why doesn't it show up on the Recently Added list?
If the title was already in the Jukebox database, the link is added to the exisiting entry. Index the title and it should show up within a week or so of submission.

How come there are titles on the Recently Added list that aren't on the Add Your Link List?
We obtain titles a couple of different ways. Many contribute links to the Jukebox, and we encourage this practice. We actively seek publicly available audiobook reviews on the web. We also have several large bloggers who encourage us to directly pull and index reviews from their sites.

I added a link two weeks ago. Why wasn't it indexed?
There are three different possibilities as to why it wasn't indexed. The first reason is that we may not have had time to index it yet. Also, it may have fallen through the cracks, an oversight on our part. Finally, the review may not have met our basic standards for inclusion. We prefer reviews of 200 words of more. We prefer reviews that discuss the plot, the narration, and the production. We do not believe the so-called mini-reviews that abound on the web are meaningful to users of the Jukebox.

We prefer standalone reviews for indexing (instead of entries with multiple reviews). We do not index LibriVox, or Podiobooksreviews. All may be fine works, but that is not within the scope of Audiobook Jukebox. We also do not index reviews posted on Audible, Amazon, or similar commercial sites.

Are there any actual reviews on this site?
No, as Audiobook Jukebox is an indexing service of audiobook reviews. We collect and index links to reviews on the web. Anyone reading a review linked in our index is directed to the blog where the review is posted.

My IP address seems to be blocked. Why is that?
If our tracking software detects an unusually high volume of activity from a single source, the IP is red flagged and we put a block on it if it seems suspicious. Please contact us if you believe you have had access blocked by mistake.

Do you ever tell reviewers to write "good" reviews?
We have never and will never ask any blogger for a "good" review in any context. They own their copyrights and we only link to their reviews. The guidelines for our reviewer programs deal with form only, not the substance of reviews.

How it this website funded? Do you accept advertising?
So far, the Audiobook Jukebox is entirely self-funded by the owners. At some point in the future, we plan to accept advertising. When we do, it will be quite evident and clearly disclosed.

Who owns the Audiobook Jukebox? Is it owned by a publisher? The Audiobook Jukebox is owned by two individuals who are not affiliated with anyone in the publishing industry. See the About tab for more information.