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And the winner is ...

Here is a good listing of all the Audies nominees and winners, courtesy of AudioFile.


Audies Finalists

Here are the Audies Finalists from APA for 2012. The winners will be announced at the Audies Gala on June 5th during APAC. --JEFF


Interview - Johnny Heller

Here is another nice interview with narrator Johnny Heller from Audiobooker at Booklist. It is interesting and entertaining to see his take on the brave new world of home studios and the cost cutting nature of his career field. It is good to see he is such a fan of librarians. --JEFF


Audiobooks - On the Rise, or FINALLY getting media attention?

This entry has links to two items that appeared recently in the New York Times. The first is a column by James Parker titled The Mind's Ear. The second is a letter to the editor relative to the column by George Guidall with a different perspective.


The Spy Who Called Me

This is a nice interview of Simon Vance by our friend Literate Housewife.


PW Interview: Johnny Heller

Here is another of PW's interviews with audiobook narrators. Check out the interview with Johnny Heller in Listen Up.


The end of free books ... unless you produce

Most of this sure makes sense to me. The "reviews" I see from so many book bloggers are little more than a thumbs up or thumbs down, stars, or some similar arbitrary rating system. I've never understood the business model in which publishers give away thousands of copies of individual titles to book bloggers in hopes of reviews; with little or no guidelines and no requirement for reviews. I'm in sync with the Harper Collins on this expectation. We have similar expectations in our Solid Gold Reviewer program. If you want free review copies, produce an actual well written review.  --JEFF


Speaking of Audiobooks: Narrators Forum Coming Monday! 

We received this from Lea Hensley at Speaking of Audiobooks. This looks like a great forum. The lineup of narrators is great.  --JEFF

Speaking of Audiobooks: Narrators Forum Coming Monday!

On Monday, November 14th, we’ll be hosting our first Narrators Forum. It’s a time for audiobook narrators to come together and not only give us a look into their world but also discuss pertinent issues among themselves.

We are officially announcing this forum in a special edition of Speaking of Audiobooks today. We're interested in knowing your thoughts before the forum begins so come on over and share.

Six narrators are joining us to kick off our forum and I couldn’t be more enthused about those participating!

Justine Eyre
Phil Gigante
Tavia Gilbert
Renee Raudman
Xe Sands
Karen White

Speaking of Audiobooks will go live early Monday morning as usual. We’ll provide you with a list of the discussion questions so you can know the direction of the dialogue. However, the questions are only a framework and we expect (and hope) our participants will feel free to expand as they want.

At 11:00 a.m. eastern standard time, the live forum will begin through the column’s discussion area. I know Karen, Xe, Renee, Tavia, Phil, and Justine are all eager to talk with one another as well as provide our listeners with food for thought. We ask all of our listeners/readers to refrain from posting until the forum is complete. At that time, I’ll announce that the discussion is open for all. We hope that many will join in at that time with their thoughts as well.

Please mark your calendars for Monday morning. We look forward to seeing you there!

Lea Hensley


Making a Golden Age Audiobook

This is a great behind the scenes overview of how Galaxy Audio produced their series of L. Ron Hubbard classic pulp fiction audiobooks from the Golden Age. Galaxy is a participating Pure Platinum Publisher in our Solid Gold Reviewer program. Each book is roughly two hours in length. They are a great diversion; pure entertainment; and great a great listening experience. Check out the video. It is very interesting.


Spy Killer - Audiobook Trailer

Here is another trailer from Galaxy Audio. Review copies of Spy Killer are available through our Solid Gold Reviewer program, until November 15th. It is your chance to listen/experience audio drama done very well.


Audio Teaser

I got this website passed on to me by Thomas L. Evans, a regular supporter of the Jukebox. Chapter & Voice is a service for book writers. They will produce a 5-8 minute professionally recorded sample (up to 1250 words) of the author's work to be used for marketing purposes. The idea is to find a great sample from the book, have it professionally read, and leave the audience wanting more.

We already have book trailers and sound samples of audiobooks. This is an audio teaser of a written work, to market it to publishers or for self-publishers to use in their own marketing. Yet another twist in the brave new world of book publishing.  --JEFF


Branded Outlaw - Audiobook Trailer

Here is the trailer for Branded Outlaw, a Galaxy Audio production that is available for review through our Solid Gold Reviewer program. Why not give it a listen ... and a review?


Dracula - Audiobook Trailer

This is the trailer for Dracula, from L.A. Theatre Works. This audiobook is available for review through our Solid Golder Reviewer program. Please request a review copy through Novemeber 15th.


Under the Black Ensign - Audiobook Trailer

Here is the trailer for this Galaxy Audio production. A review copy of this audiobook is available in our Solid Gold Reviewer program, through November 15th. It's your chance to experience and review very well done audio drama.


Anyone can narrate an audiobook ... 

It seems that far too many who listen to audiobooks think anyone can narrate one. Perhaps, but that doesn't mean anyone would care to listen to the narration, much less pay for it. This is the first of a 2-part blog from Arielle DeLisle that is quite good for a reality check. It takes far more than a USB Mr. Microphone plugged into ones laptop. The second part of the blog gets into the time and effort, not to mention skill and talent needed to successfully narrate an audiobook.


Poe for Halloween

Check out this story from SUVUDU and listen to Xe Sands perform two really nice interpretations of Poe classics for Halloween. The Tell-Tale Heart has always been my favorite from Poe, dating back to my early teens.  --JEFF


Free Halloween download from AudioGO

We got this note from AudioGO and decided to pass it along, as it is a great deal:

Just wanted to give you a little heads up on a piece of news that could be of interest to you. We’re offering free audio downloads on Monday October 31 of our classic horror audiobook, Carmilla: A Vampyre Tale by J. Sheridan le Fanu, narrated by Megan Follows (known to many as the star of the movie adaptations of the Anne of Green Gables series). The audio was named a winner of the PW Listen Up Award.  From 9 am to noon Eastern Time, audiophiles can visit our website, add the audiobook to their basket, enter the code TREAT11 and download their free copy.

This is the link to the page for Carmilla and listeners can hear a clip at the site as well: http://www.audiogo.com/audiobook/80349/carmilla-a-vampyre-tale.

Thought this might be something of interest to your audience and just wanted to pass the word along.


Free Downloads of Frankenstein and Dracula

Get your free downloads of two classics from Tantor as part of the Tor.com Monster Mash. Just click on the link for more details.


Audible Launches "Neil Gaiman Presents" on ACX

Gaiman uses ACX to curate and produce an exclusive group of handpicked titles never before available in unabridged audio. Neil Gaiman fans will find this interesting.


Interview: Anne Flosnik

This is a nice interview between voice actor Anne Flosnik and Speaking of Audiobooks editor Lea Hensley. At the Jukebox, we know both ladies and consider them our friends and supporters of our efforts. Check out the interview and the Giveaway here.