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Do you have titles you'd like reviewed by book bloggers? Simply add them to our Solid Gold Reviewer listing. Bloggers from across the web regularly visit our site to see what titles they would like to review.  Please note - we may not list your title if we feel it will be of little interest to our reviewers. If your title is posted as available for review, it will remain posted on our site for six months.

We may not have time to notify you when reviewers request your titles for review, but you can check the site at any time by searching on the home page to see if a link for your title has been posted. You may submit multiple titles and offer up to 5 copies of each title. We are not accepting erotica titles for our Solid Gold Reviewer Program.

To submit titles, please complete and submit this form for each title you wish to offer for review.

If you have questions or would like additional information, email susan@audiobookjukebox.com


Do you review audiobooks on your blog? Would you like to start? If so, then check out the Solid Gold Title List to see what's available for review.  See something interesting? Let us know you'd like to review that title by submitting a review request form.   Please note that we do not link to reviews on Audible, Amazon, or similar commercial sites which have their own decidated search engines.  We do link to reviews posted on Goodreads because it can be difficult to find specific audiobook reviews there.                                                                              

By accepting a title for review, you agree to do the following:

  • Write a review with a minimum of 200 words.
  • Include information about both the plot and the narration.
  • Listen to the audiobook at standard speed.
  • Post the review on your blog (Goodreads or LibraryThing are OK if you don't have a blog) within three months of receiving the title (exceptions for extremely long titles). Please note that we do not link to reviews in Audible, Amazon, or similar commercial sites.
  • Post a link to your review on Audiobook Jukebox.
  • Provide basic bibliographic info at the beginning or end of your review, including author, title, narrator(s), length of production in hours and minutes, publisher, and year of publication for the audio title -- not the print edition.
  • Respect copyright restrictions by not distributing digital review copies to others or posting on bit torrent sites. Trust is an integral part of the reviewer/publisher relationship. Don't abuse it!

If you've not written many reviews or would like some good ideas for reviews, why not take a look at the suggestions found on our site, Reviewing Audiobooks.

While we can't "make" reviewers  follow the guidelines above, ignoring them will likely result in not being considered for any more review titles. Reviewers are expected to give their honest opinion - there is no expectation of a positive review simply because a free copy is received for review. However, if you do not like a title, be sure to help readers understand your evaluation by giving specific examples of why it did not meet your expectations. Your comments may be negative, but they should remain tactful and polite. Hateful or slanderous comments are not acceptable.

By accepting review copies, reviewers participating in this program give permission to the publisher to quote from their reviews, free of charge. Each title listing will indicate whether it is available to reviewers only in the U.S, the U.S. and Canada, or internationally.

Reviewer Selection

We assign titles as they are requested and will notify reviewers when their requests are sent to the publisher.  If there are more requests than copies available, titles will be assigned in the order they are requested. When all available copies of a title have been requested, a note is added to the post informing potential reviewers that the title is "closed" for further requests. Reviewers may request more than one title, but until you have a track record with us we may limit assignments to not more than two reviews in-progress at a time. If you are selecting short titles or have time to review multiple titles, be sure and let us know.

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